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KTM 'Ready To Race' In The Future With Modern Two-Strokes!****Sports motorcycles driven by a two-stroke engine traditionally play an important role at KTM. For this reason, KTM CEO Stefan Pierer continues to place the emphasis on this efficient motor principle for the future, above all in motor sports and in the company's support of the next generation of competitors.The Austrian sports motorcycle manufacturer underlines its commitment to two-stroke technology. KTM boss Stefan Pierer continues to see meaningful applications for the light power pack and has constantly promoted further development in this area of engine technology.Costs and efficiency
"It was always clear to us that the two-stroke engine would play an important role, also in the future. For example with regards to the next generation of offroad riders - and here we are speaking about a very influential target group of consumers for whom the two-stroke is unbeatable in terms of efficiency and costs. For this reason we have never hesitated in continuing to further develop this technology - the potential for which is by far not exhausted," commented Stefan Pierer. "Currently two-strokes make up almost half of all offroad motorcycles. More than 20,000 customers who decided for a two-stroke just in the last financial year are certainly the best evidence for the continual demand of this technology. Above all, this is especially valid for young offroad riders. They want to train a lot and are particularly dependent on being able to know exactly what they have to spend."First choice for extreme Enduro races
Stefan Pierer continues: "There are also areas in serious motor sports where it is difficult not to go for two stroke technology. One of the most obvious examples is the increasingly popular Extreme Enduro events. Also, we have to welcome the FIM decision that from next season there will again be a junior class on 125 cc two-strokes as part of the MX1/MX2 Motocross World Championships."No "either-or" principle
In principle, KTM takes the position that in the medium term it will be legitimate to have various engine concepts on the market. Stefan Pierer: "There is no "either-or". In the coming years, sophisticated two-stroke engines will find as many takers as modern four-strokes - but also completely new engines, like for example an electric engine that we will see on the market for a sports Enduro in less than two years.There will be good opportunities for all of this technology. Also with the range of engine development we must consider a market situation that will be more intensely specialised and directed towards niches. "Finally, the motor sport enthusiast KTM boss underlines: "At KTM the two-stroke will continue to remain an integral part of the future model planning. We have already recognised new topics and initiated the development of even more powerful, quieter and above all less polluting two-stroke sports models within the framework of a specific project grouping."