The Ultimate Christmas Supergift - Asterisk Superpass Program - Dirt Rider Magazine

The Asterisk Superpass Program has grabbed the Ultimate Christmas Supergift. This ticket will send YOU through the gates of Castillo Ranch for the ride day you never thought possible. When - Wednesday, January 23, 2008, between Anaheim #2 & San Francisco. Tickets on sale beginning December 13, 2007 at up this Wednesday, December 5 - Asterisk Supercross Superpass 2008 begins. We will start this year with auctions for our full day VIP experience at the first seven Supercross events. All Superpass Auctions are available through ebay at;=asterisk_amapro.The Asterisk Superpass Program is the primary fund raising effort for the Asterisk Mobile Medical Center. Visit our website to keep up to date on our medic rig.