AXO Conquers The MX1 World Title And The MX2 European Title - Dirt Rider Magazine

September, 2nd, 2007: this is the day that will never be forgotten, a day that everyone at AXO will remember with great emotions and that kind of joy which is near to tears... a perfect day, where AXO succeeded in what many do not even think to be able to do: the MX1 World title and, to reward the efforts of the ever-dedicated Italian factory, the MX2 European title, a Championship where the young promises of the future grow up. Steve Ramon wrapped up the MX1 Motocross World Championships with third position overall yesterday through the rough and dark sand of Lierop for the Grand Prix of the Netherlands and the final round of the 2007 series.The 27-year-old Belgian lifted his first crown in the category after taking 22 pointsfor second place in the first moto: the result gave him a superior numerical advantage of 35 going into the last race of the season in which he took third spot. The Grand Prix was a memorable one for Ramon and for everyone who was there to see him clinching the title: the former 125cc world champ and current Belgian number one has now added the premier MX1 crown to his collection and is the only rider in the class to have scored points in all 30 GP motos this season. Ramon won two motos and collected six podiums on his way to the championship and although he was assisted by an injury to pace-setter Josh Coppins - the New Zealander withdrew from the Grand Prix this weekend - he also had to negotiate the last five rounds of the campaign with torn tendon in his left wrist. Steve Ramon: "I was really happy to see all the people at the finish line. I knew a little bit what to expect after the first world title but it is a great feeling; that moment when it hits you 'I'm World Champion'. I'm really happy with my second title and I have been working hard for this. I want to thank the team, my sponsors and everybody close to me who have been just as dedicated. I had bad luck at the start of the season with some poor starts, a few crashes and then always having to come back through the pack. Around the middle of the year it started to get better and I took some wins and also some podiums but I had another setback with the crash at Loket and from that point until this race it was difficult to race with my wrist. It has been a strange season: I have had some bad results but I also know that it is important to fight for every point. It has not been my best year but I'm still the champion. We are now going to party tonight and also tomorrow!". More or less at the same time at the Roggenburg track, Switzerland, AXO clinched another important title, the European one, thanks to Gautier Paulin, a young (16 years old only !!) French coming form the Mountain bike competition, an unknown guy who, aboard the Honda of the Martin Team, surprised everybody with his speed and consistency: he grabbed the title by dominating the GP and by closing the gap on series leader Deny Philippaerts, who had to be happy with second spot. A perfect day...thank you guys, from all of us !! Charts and results on: