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Final Day: 4th Red Bull Romaniacs Hard Enduro Rally, 17 - 21 June 2007After 2004 and 2005 it is again Cyril Despres from France who wins the Red Bull Romaniacs Hard Enduro Rallye in 2007, gaining his third victory in the fourth edition of the rally. German Privateer Gerhard Forster finishes second overall ahead of the New Zealander Chris Birch. Despres won the last special over 190km ahead of Chris Birch and Gerhard Forster. Only 30 minutes after the start Michel Gau (FRA) broke his right arm in a crash and could not continue the last special.The first man early away this Thursday morning was Michel Gau. The Frenchman had retaken the overall lead from Cyril Despres yesterday. As it was quite probable that these two riders fought it out, both of them were motivated to give their best on the last and decisive day of the fourth Red Bull Romaniacs Hard Enduro Rally. However, Michel Gau had the bad luck on his side and crashed; only 30 minutes after the start he slipped on a piece of wood made him fall off the bike and against a tree. His right arm was broken and he was not able to continue the race. Cyril Despres immediately stopped and stayed with him until the first aid arrived. 20 minutes later he continued the race without knowing how many riders had already passed. In the mean time 23-year old Chris Birch (NZL) did well, made no mistakes and was the first to finish the last special stage. Crossing the finish line second Cyril Despres got a time credit for staying with Michel Gau and - besides the overall victory - is today's winner. Gerhard Forster, Privateer from Germany, completes the stage's podium and claims the second overall position."The hardest day of all four off-road stages", the riders agreed unanimously after they had successfully and literally taken the last steps to the finish high above Sibiu. The see-saw right at the beginning, steep uphills, an almost never-ending and slippery downhill and a merciless last ascent to the day's and overall finish - just to mention a few of today's specialities the remaining 78 participates had to deal with.Results Day 5, 21 June 2007****Professionals
1. Cyril Despres FRA
2. Chris Birch NZL
3. Gerhard Forster GEROverall Standings
1. Cyril Despres FRA 20:13:42
2. Gerhard Forster GER 20:51:42
3. Chris Birch NZL 20:54:43
4. Kyle Redmond USA 21:20:53
5. Alex Antor AND 21:59:18
6. Frans Verhoeven NED 22:29:31
7. Dieter Happ AUT 22:53:48Statements Final Day
4th Red Bull Romaniacs Hard Enduro Rally, 17 - 21 June 2007Cyril Despres, FRA
"Michel and I were really pushing hard yesterday and we were ready for fighting this morning. But only short after the start Michel suddenly fell off his bike and I stopped to see what happened. He had his right arm broken and I stayed with him until the people from the first aid arrived. I didn't care for the race because we are friends first! 20 minutes later I continued my race. I went swimming with my bike in the nearby river ... I think it was the hardest day in this race. However, I think we've had great luck with the weather because it can make up to 25% in a race like this. I have to thank the organisation, they did a good job and as I learned today the people from the first aid are never far! I had some great days of riding and it makes me feel great to have won this rally again!"Gerhard Forster, GER
"I had a really bad start this morning. At the first river my bike fell into the water and I had to get all water out again. Today was the hardest day. We had to go up and down and up and down the mountains but finally, my day worked out quite well and I am absolutely glad to be here!"Chris Birch, NZL
"It is absolutely amazing to be here! On Sunday I didn't know if I could finish the race and now I am on the podium! Today was hard and when I came to the edge of the city I thought I would be home soon but it took me another two hours to come here. The best thing today? - getting here, definitely! However, I feel very sad for Michel Gau, I think he was the man to win."Kyle Redmond, USA
"My hands hurt terribly and I really wanted it to end today. I had some great days of racing, never done something like this before! I expected it to be even harder, it was hard tough, but I think the weather helped us as well."Alex Antor, AND"My arms were not too good today and after a crash two kilometres after the start I had problems with my bike but had to wait until the next service point to have it fixed again. I think the organisation did a fine job, but without the crazy downhill it would have been even better!"Frans Verhoeven, NED
"Today it was very tough and I am happy to be in the finish. We've had some passages were we were sliding down on our bikes `cause riding was impossible. A cable took our bikes across a river - that was fun! Unfortunately I was ill the last two days and felt very weak. Everything was okay again this morning, but a good result no longer possible."Dieter Happ, AUT
"What a great day! I am so happy to be here as it was really tough. Monday and today were the hardest days for me and I think that the track was even harder than two years ago. I had so much fun racing here at the Red Bull Romaniacs!"For details and pictures see www.redbullromaniacs.com