Ernesto Fonseca Wins the IP Supercross in Genoa - News - Dirt Rider Magazine

In its 22nd year, the Genoa race is considered the oldest indoor Supercross race in Europe and many of the big names have raced and won on the track built inside the Palasport arena: Ricky Johnson, Jeremy McGrath, Danny Chandler, Broc Glover, David Bailey, O'Mara, Ward, Lusk, Jean Michael Bayle, Michele Rinaldi and Alex Puzar.For the second year in a row, the victory went to factory Honda rider Ernesto Fonseca. The Costa Rican holeshot the start and maintained a strong pace for all 18 laps of the main event to win undisturbed.Frenchman David Vuillemin put in a good performance, overcoming a mid-pack start to finish second. Following the Yamaha pilot up on the podium was another Honda racer, Nick Wey.A crash took out South African Tyla Rattray and left him with a DNF and an injured wrist. Joining the KTM rider on the DNF list was Italian hero Antonio Cairoli. The Yamaha rider had astonished everyone when he came back to fourth from a spill with his aggressive and spectacular style, but he took a blow to a hand and DNF. It was up to Italian Alex Salvini to win the 125 class main.The event promoter, Off Road Pro Racing, added a Freestyle contest to the Supercross race night this year. Nate Adams was the unquestioned king of the contest. He bewitched the crowd with his tricks in the sold out stadium. But then, unfortunately crashed during a back flip. Adams broke his left femur and will undergo surgery in the next few days in Genoa (Italy).MAIN 250 Class
1. Ernesto Fonseca (USA-Honda)
2. David Vuillemin (FRA-Yamaha)
3. Nick Wey (USA-Honda)
4. Steve Boniface (FRA-Honda)
5. Kelly Smith (USA-Yamaha)
6. Isaiah Johnson (USA-Yamaha)
7. Stephan De Martis (FRA-Yamaha)
8. Keith Johnson (USA-Yamaha)
9. Manuel Gomez Rivas (Honda)
10. Alexandre Rouis (FRA-Yamaha)MAIN 125 Class
1. Alex Salvini (Yamaha)
2. Bill Julien (KTM)
3. Matteo Bonini (Honda)
4. Maxime Lesage (Yamaha)
5. Davide Degli Esposti (Suzuki)
6. Timothy Roux (Yamaha)
7. Torres Arsene (Honda)
8. Bader Manneh (KTM)
9. Nicolas (Voyame (Suzuki)
10. Fabio Ferrari (KTM)