2013 Dirt Rider Torture Test Videos

Inside The Action From Racetown 395

By Sean Klinger

Photos by Joe Mckimmy, Drew Ruiz and Adam Booth

The KTM Factory team of Maria Forsberg, Sarah Whitmore and Kacy Martinez rocked the event, scoring a win in the difficult supercross test.

The Dirt Rider Torture Test has had a few different incarnations over the years, yet this year's version was a first of its kind on a few different fronts. For one, it was the first time this event was open to the public. For two, instead of focusing on the "torture" element of the name we focused on the "test" part with 10 different tests to challenge stamina, brains, brawn, and a multitude of bike skills. As always, we invited professional race teams to compete, yet they were in their own category separate from Open class (everyone else).

Gary Sutherlin (pictured) and Ryan Sandoval took home the overall Pro class win at the Torture Test. Between their combined moto and trials skills, these guys are a wicked team.

With 10 different tests going on at basically the same time and to be as accurate as possible, Dirt Rider enlisted the help of Hardcard Systems for our timing and scoring. The system was actually pretty cool and worked really well. Instead of Supercross style transponders that are active, need batteries and are Zip-Tied to a fork leg, Hardcard uses thin, sticker-type transponders that can be placed pretty much anywhere on a bike. Depending on the competitors sponsor stickers, the tags were placed on the side number plates, either outside or inside, and inside the front fender since the antenna can read through plastic. With each bike getting a unique numbered tag and each test having a start/stop antenna, all the bikes had to do was pass in front of the tag reader to start their time and pass it again to record their "lap." This total Hardcard System made recording the competitors times easy for the event staff and lent an element of professionalism and accuracy.

Noah Kepple throws some style over the teeter-totter in the trials test.

Chris Real, President of DPS Technical Inc., was also on hand to officially sound test every bike. He wasn’t going to send anyone home if they recorded a higher volume of 94 dBA, but the whole point of sound testing was to let every competitor know what volume his or her bike is. Normally, most people wouldn’t have the opportunity to see how loud their bike is since most people don’t race professionally. Yet what we want to always remind riders of is that you don’t have to be a professional racer to be obnoxiously loud and cause riding areas to be closed down. Sound levels should matter just as much to the weekend warrior as they do to the AMA pro.

Monster Energy Kawasaki’s three-man effort of Destry Abbott, Ryan Abbatoye and David Broderick put in a valiant effort in the obstacle course. These guys were a force to be reckoned with all day long.

Basically, we wanted to create a fun day of riding that connected people with their passion, and challenged them physically and mentally, on and off the bike. Many of the Open class riders commented that this was the first time they attempted an endurocross track or trials course and these were exiting learning experiences. Adding official sound testing and professional timing and scoring systems was a simple way to bring another part of professional riding to the average dirt bike rider.

The girls pick their way through one of the more interesting obstacles of the Dirt Rider dash. Teamwork was a must!

We’ve got a full story on the Torture Test—including results—hitting newsstands soon in our March 2014 issue. In the meantime, check out some of the action from the event, and be sure to head over to Facebook at “Like” Dirt Rider Magazine to stay updated on future shenanigans.

The winners took home some awesome trophies, courtesy of master welder and DR test rider Michael Allen.

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