Triumph 250cc Four-Stroke Motocross Bike in Action First Look

Ricky Carmichael and Evan Ferry ride Triumph’s 250F dirt bike on an MX track.

Following releases of its chassis and engine, Triumph has given the public a first glimpse at its 250cc four-stroke motocross bike in action. At the controls are global off-road ambassador Ricky Carmichael and amateur motocross racer Evan Ferry, who was involved in the testing program of the new bike as it reached the final stage of development.

Triumph hasn’t given up all of the details on its 250F dirt bike yet, but the British manufacturer has released a teaser video and some images of Ricky Carmichael and Evan Ferry spinning laps on it.Triumph

The two riders circulate a track and talk about the British machine’s chassis and handling in the video above. “They found something special with the frame,” Ferry said. “I don’t think I’ve ever felt something like that.”

“The chassis is really good. It’s super nimble, it’s plush. When you see a line—boom, you can do it.” —Ricky Carmichael, Triumph global off-road ambassadorTriumph

Full reveal date of the British 250F dirt bike is yet to be announced.