Triumph Motocross Bikes Chassis First Look

What is Triumph using for the frame material of its dirt bikes?

Just over a year after announcing its intention to enter the off-road motorcycle market, Triumph is beginning to offer a sneak peek and some details about its yet-to-be-released motocross bikes, beginning with the chassis.

Triumph has chosen aluminum as the frame material for its motocross bikes.Triumph

In the video above, global off-road ambassador Ricky Carmichael, test rider Ivan Tedesco, lead chassis engineer Dave Arnold, US Triumph Racing team principal Bobby Hewitt, and US Triumph Racing team manager Steve “Scuba” Westfall discuss Triumph’s new motocross chassis and why they chose to go with aluminum for the frame material. In the next episode, we’ll find out about the engine that will be used in the British manufacturer’s 250 four-stroke motocross bike.