X Games Race Report

Jacob Argubright News Release

This last weekend was a complete whirlwind with ups, downs, crashes, and excitement, but looking back on it all I wouldn't have wanted it to go any better. I was in the X games, I did really well, and the team completely succeeded in our goal to get as much exposure in front of the live audience as possible. I can't describe the feeling of actually making it in X games, and even leading a race at one point, but maybe this chance to give a race report will clue you in on exactly what I was feeling!

We got there around 12:00 Thursday barely in time to park the truck but made and parked next to the Geico Honda team. We unloaded and set up the canopy and then got the opportunity to go walk around and watch X games (which I have only seen once) and it was a lot of fun! I had an athlete's pass while Ryan and Megan had media passes so we could go pretty much everywhere and do whatever. They had an athletes' lounge with loads of free food and I couldn't resist so I had 3 plates of food which was way too much and I was super full for the rest of the day! We ended up watching Freestyle, Speed & Style, Bmx-Vert and Skateboard Big air.

On Sunday morning I woke up around 7:30 and went to the gym and met with my trainer Jason for some prep talk and stretching. When we arrived, we snuck up to the top floor of the arena and got to take a sneak peak of the track which eased my nerves a little bit and got me excited that X games was finally here! When it was time to put my gear on I was so excited to put everything on I had new boot decals, helmet and jersey made just for X games! - Thanks to Jett Boots, Tagger Designs, and Dirt Digits for getting everything so clean looking in time for the big show!

We went out for the first practice and I was riding decent, but I was still a little bit nervous like I always am, but I slowly got into my groove. On the second practice I was feeling great and all of a sudden I went down in the rock turn! I wasn't sure what happened I think I was going a little bit too fast and I got bucked off from the log and lost it. Thankfully it was a sweet fuel injected Kawasaki it started first kick and I was off. I kept going and noticed my front brake wasn't there when I went down I bent my rotor and decided to pull off and get it fixed. I didn't realize but when I got off the rest of the group was practicing the start which I missed because Eddie V was fixing my rotor and it definitely was not a start to miss because it was on the downhill ramp they go up during freestyle and was super slick! Even though I missed practicing the start I just kept my head up and moved on for hot laps. I was getting super nervous for the hot laps, and it was finally hitting me that I was at X games, and later that night the whole arena would be filled with people! I had a great prep talk with Megan which helped me a lot and I put in a great hot lap which definitely helped me relax after. I was put into heat 2 based off my hot lap and I looked at the sheet and it was an awesome group! It ended up being all of the top 4 national hare and hound guys- (Kurt Caselli, Destry Abbott, me, and Kendall Norman) what were the odds??

Heat 1
When we were getting ready for the first heat we were allowed to do a practice lap and it one of coolest things I got to do the crowd was super pumped I heard my section which was by far the loudest and it made me super excited to go out and race! We lined up waited and were off I had a decent start I was 3rd right behind Caselli and I just tried to save my energy and make a move into qualifying position when I could. I don't think I warmed up enough because around halfway through my arms were just getting so pumped up I couldn't do anything about it and I had to back off and settle for 4th in the heat. At the same time, it was good for me as it really helped to calm my nerves and get me to the realization that I can run at their pace.

After shaking my arms out, It was my last chance to make the main and I was ready to go! I had a slow gate start but there was a pile up at the bottom which allowed me to sneak through and I was in 2nd place right behind the polish nightmare! Ok actually Taddy is pretty cool to me, but having to chase him pretty much takes the wind out of your sails, at least until I saw him go down!

If you have seen the TV program (www.espn3.com) you can see that I physically had the lead for a few seconds there. I didn't realize it at the moment, but looking back I was only one of a handful of people to lead Taddy while going at race speed. It didn't last long, but the confidence boost was enough to keep me going the whole lap.

I knew it was my last chance so I gave it my all I wasn't going to let him go and I was surprised with myself I was keeping up with him He got to the next corner first so I was back in 2nd and I just kept charging. All of a sudden with a lap and a half to go Cody Webb snuck up on me and went right passed me. I was pushing it from battling with Taddy and not letting him get too far and I gave it everything I had to pass Cody back but I just couldn't do it in time and I ended up one spot away from making the main.

I was disappointed at first, but at the same time the crowd in Staples, and the atmosphere that the X Games brought with it made me realize that we had already all won. We, as the 30 of us, were a big part of the history of Off Road Racing, as for the first time ever Off Road Racing was featured LIVE on HDTV! Pretty cool when you think about it!

At this point I sit 11th in points for the series, and I am leading the Jr. Endurocross Championship (which I finished 2nd in last year.) With only one weekend off before the next one, I really feel like I can use Washington as my first actual race in the evenings final. Getting back into the Heat, Semi, and LCQ format will work out a lot better for me as I have three different changes to win my way in!

There are a few photos attached here, but Megan has a bunch of great shots over at www.offroad-journal.com.

The sponsors stepped up more than ever this last weekend and it was really exciting to meet everyone and show them that I have really been working hard. Lynn from Pro Moto Billet/Fastway, Donnie Emler from FMF, and all of the KSV guys were there to cheer me on, so doing as well as I did in from of the hometown crowd just felt awesome.

As always a huge thanks goes out to all of my sponsors, Kawasaki of Simi Valley, Off Road Support, Answer Racing, UFO Plastics, Jett Boots, Scotts, Dunlop, Rekluse, Dirt Digits, Omega, BRP, TBT Racing, Kal-Gard, Pro Moto Billet, Fastway Performance, IMS, FMF, Photos by Grumpy, and Alliance Offroad. And I want to extend a very special thanks to my mechanic Ed. He worked hard all weekend, and virtually got NO exposure for all of his work. Thanks Eddie for everything you have done this year, from cutting my tires, to changing out the front break in time to make the hot laps, I couldn't do it without you there and I am very appreciative!

See you in the Desert!

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jacob argubright, x games, race report, 911, kurt caselli, destry abbott, kendall norman, dirt rider magazine, news release, staples center
jacob argubright, x games, race report, 911, kurt caselli, destry abbott, kendall norman, dirt rider magazine, news release, staples center
jacob argubright, x games, race report, 911, kurt caselli, destry abbott, kendall norman, dirt rider magazine, news release, staples center, last chance qualifiers