Team Babbitt's Las Vegas SX Report

_Team Babbitt's Press Release

Muskegon, Mi (May 7, 2011) - Babbitt's Motorsports Racing
**_Trying to stave off the effects of a couple crashes last weekend in Salt Lake City, Tyler Bowers was ready to make the most of his finale Supercross race of the season, and put Team Babbitt's Monster Energy TiLUBE Kawasaki in the best position possible to finish up the series strong - in doing so, Bowers scored his best Supercross finish of the year with an eleventh overall.

Qualifying easily into the main event Bowers had time to rest before the main event; where unfortunately he would start near the end of the pack. However, Tyler was soon picking off riders, and as the last lap ended; just narrowly missed passing Tye Simmonds for tenth overall. "I felt smooth and strong, but it was also a long race due to the injuries that I suffered at Salt Lake City. The track was a lot of fun, and I enjoyed it. I tried to pass my way into tenth in the last corner of the last lap but just missed out" commented Tyler.

Later Babbitt's Team Manager Denny Bartz would add "Tyler rode a solid race, and charged all the way to the end. The little injuries he suffered at Salt Lake City, and his poor start tonight didn't help, but I'm proud of him!"

Stay tuned for more from Team Babbitt's; while the official race season is over there is lots more coming. Team Babbitt's is already in preparations for next season Arena Cross series. For more on the team, check out _**