Factory Connection Trackside Support for the World Mini Grand Prix

_Factory Connection News Release


Factory Connection is pleased to announce that their Trackside Support Vehicle and Staff will be on hand for the World Mini Grand Prix April 10th - 18th. Starting on Saturday as families begin to line up to get in the track, and all the way through the final moto on Sunday.

World Mini has been a great event for us, we are excited about the new location and track. It is a cool time of year with riders who have attended the Texas race last month had a chance to gage themselves and now regroup and go back it a month later. Then for other riders this is their first big amateur race and they want to show what they got. We want to show our support to the riders and offer our services not only to FC support riders, but to any rider who needs assistance.

FREE bike set up and technical support will be offered. In addition, Factory Connection will have Fork / Shock Revalve, Rebuild & Oil Change Services, Fork / Shock Springs and Wear Parts available. The professionals at Factory Connection will help you tune your suspension and dial it in for your needs.

Riders can schedule appointments to get their suspension done at convenient times for them. For more information and or to schedule an appointment in advance, for priority turn around time... call 951-549-9526 or email fcwest@factoryconnection.com. And to see the most up to date Trackside Schedule visit www.factoryconnection.com