Beursfoon Rockstar Suzuki-riders consistent in Dutch Open in Emmen

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Amsterdam -Mike Kras and Micha Boy de Waal of the Beursfoon Rockstar Suzuki Team were consistent at round five of the Dutch Open Championship Series in Emmercompascuum. Mike Kras finished sixth overall with a fifth and a seventh position in the motos while Micha Boy de Waal came home in seventh and twelfth position in the motos.

The track in Emmercompascuum was a little bit muddy because of the rain in the days prior to the race. The Beursfoon Rockstar Suzuki riders came to Emmercompascuum in seventh and eight position in the championship standings. Both riders were motivated to improve on these positions and were enthusiastic to go out on the track in practice. Mike couldn't find a nice rhythm but still managed to set the fourth fastest time. With Micha Boy things were going fine and he set the eight fastest time.

In the first moto it was Mike who took a really good start but unfortunately he got a lot of arm pump after several laps. Despite this he tried to keep the pace as high as he could and finished the race in fifth position. Micha Boy was riding a strong race and worked his way back up from outside of the top ten back to seventh position.

In the second moto Mike started the race inside of the top five. After several laps he started to put the pressure on Jake Nicholls. Just when he tried to pass him he made a small crash. After the crash he couldn't find his rhythm anymore and lost two positions to finish the race in seventh position. Micha Boy started the race around twelfth position. Despite a sore toe and ankle because he slid off the foot peg in the second lap he charged back to ninth position. Unfortunately he lost a lot of time when he stalled his bike and dropped back to seventeenth position. In the rest of the race he gave everything he had and fought his way back to twelfth position.

Mike finished sixth overall and Micha Boy ended the day in ninth position. After five rounds Mike and Micha Boy are still in seventh and eight position in the championship standings. On May, 6th the Beursfoon Rockstar Suzuki Team will ride their next race which is the second round of the ADAC MX Masters Series in Freising.

Results Dutch Open MX2 in Emmercompascuum:

First moto:
1 Jeffrey Herlings
2 Erik Eggens
3 Glenn Coldenhoff
4 Jake Nicholls
5 Mike Kras
7 Micha Boy de Waal

Second moto:
1 Jeffrey Herlings
2 Glenn Coldenhoff
3 Erik Eggens
4 Jake Nicholls
5 Brian Bogers
7 Mike Kras
12 Micha Boy de Waal

Overall MX2:
1 Jeffrey Herlings 50 Pnt
2 Glenn Coldenhoff 42 Pnt
3 Erik Eggens 42 Pnt
4 Jake Nicholls 36 Pnt
5 Brian Bogers 31 Pnt
6 Mike Kras 30 Pnt
9 Micha Boy de Waal 23 Pnt

Dutch Championship Standings after five rounds:
1 Jeffrey Herlings 240 Pnt
2 Glenn Coldenhoff 173 Pnt
3 Joel Roelants 167 Pnt
4 Jake Nicholls 159 Pnt
5 Jeremy van Horebeek 148 Pnt
7 Mike Kras 113 Pnt
8 Micha Boy de Waal 87 Pnt

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