Barnett Clutches KTM Clutch Plate Kit - Kevlar Review

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Barnett Clutches KTM Clutch Plate Kit - Kevlar $170.63Staff

Just like tires and chains, clutch plates are eventually going to have to be replaced. For me it was a little sooner than expected because I smoked my stock 2016 KTM 500 EXC clutch. There might have been a mechanic failure: me. I had never dealt with a hydraulic clutch before and may have goofed up doing a clutch replacement. Either way I needed a new one. We contacted the guys over at Barnett to get a new fiber and steels setup.

Installation was a breeze, just like putting in a stock clutch kit. Everything went together well. I took off on the first ride and thought that the clutch action felt the same as stock, as well as not having any fade. I have since put 20-plus hours on the clutch riding high-speed desert stuff as well as hammering through tight technical stuff, up over logs, and picking my way through boulder sections that required lots of clutch use and the clutch still feels the same as new.

The Barnett clutch system is a great option to replace your stock clutch and isn’t much more than OEM steels and fibers.

Rated: 89

Installation 19/20
Function 45/50
Durability 8/10
Design 8/10
Price 9/10