Review Of Acerbis' X-Seat For Husqvarnas

Looking for a new seat cover? Try this instead.

Acerbis X-Seat for Husqvarnas $199.99Sean Klinger

There are two versions of the X-Seat from Acerbis. I’ve never ridden with the original version, but I haven’t heard great things. With the newer version looking completely different, I had to check it out. The current version of the X-Seat is available for KTM, Husqvarna, and Kawasaki (I put it on our Husky FX 350). The main feature of the seat is there is no cover—the seat is all foam, yet it is waterproof.

Holding the stock seat and the X-Seat in each hand, you can tell the X-Seat is a little bit heavier. I wouldn’t say it is a deal breaker, but for those racers looking to scrape off every last ounce, this isn’t the way to go. It mounts up exactly the same as stock and even has the same side profile (not taller or shorter). But, as you can see, it has a drastically different shape.

There is really no explanation of the channel down the middle from Acerbis. But I do know that the X-Seat is actually a very comfortable seat. Sure, it feels a little odd at first because of its square-ish profile, but after a long day in the saddle I began to appreciate the channel. With normal stock seats, after a couple of hours, the seat can feel like it’s trying to cut you in half with a lot of pressure on your tailbone. But the X-Seat’s two edges support your south side without going straight down the middle.

Lastly, the grip is pretty darn good. Now, I really like the grip of the stock Husqvarna cover, which is all little pyramid spikes, but it is a little hard to scoot around on. The X-Seat has a neutral grip feel in the front but then extra emergency grip in the back that I definitely used on a long, steep uphill where hitting a ledge at the end blew both my feet off the pegs. Normally that would have been a “slide back and loop out” situation, but my glutes flexed and the seat grabbed hold and I made it to the top.

Rated: 90

Installation 19/20
Function 47/50
Durability 9/10
Design 9/10
Price 6/10