2019 Off-Road Factory Racebikes—Grant Baylor’s KTM 450 XC-F

One of the few 450 racebikes in the National Enduro series

KTM 450 XC-F
Grant and Steward Baylor have been very successful riding 450s in the tight confines of the National Enduro series. According to Grant, the key is being smooth.Shan Moore

Tely Energy Racing KTM riders Grant Baylor and Steward Baylor are just a few of the top racers competing on 450s in the National Enduro series. Due to the tight trails, 350 four-strokes and 300 two-strokes are the most popular bikes. However, the Baylor brothers have been very successful on the larger-displacement motorcycles. While at the Alligator National Enduro, we spoke with Grant's mechanic, Garrett Ward, to find out how he sets up the South Carolina racer's KTM 450 XC-F.

Baylor runs a stock clutch and according to Ward, he’s pretty easy on it for the most part. “He’s a little harder on them at the National Enduros compared to the GNCCs, but he’s an easier rider on the clutch [overall].” The exhaust system is an FMF Factory 4.1 RCT full system, which consists of a MegaBomb Plus header pipe and a Factory 4.1 RCT muffler. Ward installed a radiator fan from the KTM PowerParts catalog and runs a switch on the handlebar so Baylor can manually turn the fan on or off. Inside the engine, Spectro oils and Evans coolant are used.

In the suspension department, Baylor runs a WP Cone Valve fork and WP Trax shock, both of which are massaged by JD Performance. “As far as settings, it just depends on what we’re racing,” Ward explained. “Here in the sand [at the Alligator National Enduro], we’re going to set it up to be a little bit plusher, a little softer feel.”

FMF Factory 4.1 RCT full system
Baylor runs an FMF Factory 4.1 RCT full system on his 450 XC-F.Shan Moore

Baylor’s 450 XC-F features a number of trick components to suit his preferences and riding style. “He runs the KTM factory Neken triple clamps, and the bar mounts are XC Gear Mako 360 units with the green outer polymer and the blue shark bite piece,” Ward told us. “We run the G2 hand guards and throttle tubes on his bikes. The throttle tube is aluminum. He likes the stock levers because of the skinnier feel to them.”

radiator fan
Baylor’s mechanic, Garrett Ward, installed a radiator fan from the KTM PowerParts catalog on the bike, which has a switch on the handlebar so he can turn it on or off manually.Shan Moore

Other items Baylor is particular about are his seat bump and footpegs. “Grant likes a big seat bump,” Ward said. “It’s near the back of the seat because he likes to ride way [far] back, so I have to keep it in the back for him. That way he knows not to go farther back, and then if he starts sliding, he has a little slot point. The footpegs are Ankle-Savers. He’s been running them the last eight years. He loves them and can’t ride without them.”

solid rear rotor
Baylor prefers a solid rear rotor because it dissipates heat better.Shan Moore

The front brake rotor on Baylor’s bike is stock, while the rear is a solid mud rotor. “It seems like the solid rotor holds better and dissipates heat better,” Ward offered. “[As far as tires], we run Kenda in the front and rear. We’re running the Southwicks for [the Alligator National Enduro] in the sand. The brake pads are from DP Brakes and the rear sprocket is from the KTM PowerParts catalog. We also run E-Line skid plates, TM chain blocks, a Mojo rear rotor guard, and [various accessories] from Motion Pro.”