2018 Husqvarna TE250i/TE300i | PHOTOS

Additional photos from our day of riding the 2018 Husqvarna TE 250i and TE 300i fuel injected enduro bikes in the mountains of British Columbia, Canada.

Both bikes have a lightweight and nimble feel, especially the TE 250i.Courtesy of Husqvarna

Husqvarna took us to British Columbia, Canada back in June to introduce their new fuel injected two-strokes. You've already read the web story of our First Impression here on Dirt Rider and you can see it in the October issue coming soon. Here are some additional photos from the trip of Dirt Rider's Andrew Oldar on both new machines.

The engines on both machines didn't mind being lugged at super low rpm, which helped maintain traction in the dry and dusty conditions on the tighter areas of the trail.Courtesy of Husqvarna
The new Magura brakes have a more progressive feel than the previous Brembo units, but are a little less grabby.Courtesy of Husqvarna
We climbed approximately 4,000 feet on our test ride for each bike. We began at the base of the mountain (3,700 feet) and rode all the way to the peak (7,700 feet). The throttle response was crisp and the bike never ran lean or rich.Courtesy of Husqvarna
Popping wheelies is effortless as a result of the quick throttle response and overall lightweight feeling of the bike.Courtesy of Husqvarna
The suspension on both ends felt soft on the tight trails, but it was surprisingly resistant to bottoming when flat landing from a big jump.Courtesy of Husqvarna
We couldn't resist a nice berm blast, even on an off-road bike test!Courtesy of Husqvarna
While the bike hooked up really well in the dry conditions, we could easily pop the clutch and get on the gas enough to get into a power slide if we desired.Courtesy of Husqvarna
Both bikes had a sudden surge in power when slowly accelerating through the mid-range. After speaking with one of the Husqvarna technicians, this was likely due to the power valve opening in this part of the powerband. However, it didn't happen when I accelerated quickly.Courtesy of Husqvarna
There was not shortage of epic scenery at the top of the mountain.Courtesy of Husqvarna