2016 Alpinestars MX & Off-Road Collection

Alpinestars brought out their 2016 MX & Off-Road collection to the American media at their headquarters in Torrance, California. We were able to join them in Italy earlier in the year for the European launch, check it out here: http://www.dirtrider.com/alpinestars-factory-tour-italy-2015. This launch focused strictly on the new, updated products including boots, chest protection, knee braces and gloves.

For more information, check out www.alpinestars.com/mx.

The Tech 1 was the headliner as it’s a new boot to the ever-famous Alpinestars boot collection. The team states the Tech 1 focus is respectively on protection, comfort, flex, quality, and the new buckle system. It was made for light moto and off-road riding for the entry-level A-star user and structure stemming from the Tech 10 and Tech 8 boot.Photo by Lindsey Lovell
The boot features designs from the Tech 10, sliding ‘flexi-blade’ control system seen in the Tech 5 and comes in three color options: black, white, and black/white. Tech 1 buckles are made of lightweight polymer and nylon, rather than the traditional aluminum, and buckles are replaceable.Photo by Lindsey Lovell
The insole is a one-piece TPU (thermoplastic polyurethane) injected and reinforced with a metal shank with co-injected toe reinforcement. The replaceable sole has a new pattern, never used before, and promises to improve grip on the bike. The steel toe protection finishes off the new boot.Photo by Lindsey Lovell
The Tech 1 boots will cost $199.95.Photo by Lindsey Lovell
Alpinestars is offering more colorways then ever before. The Tech 7 comes in nine different color options.Photo by Lindsey Lovell
Tech 8 RS features a new, breathable inner bootie and has absorbing gel inserts on the ankles.Photo by Lindsey Lovell
The Alpinestars Tech 7 buckle closure system includes high-impact aluminum bridge closures, with a quick release/locking system. All buckles are replaceable.Photo by Lindsey Lovell
Photo by Lindsey Lovell
Photo by Lindsey Lovell
The Techstar Factory glove is offered in six color options and will run $39.95.Photo by Lindsey Lovell
The Techstar Venom is a motocross glove that retails for $39.95 and comes in four colorways. The glove is made up of airmesh, spandex and suede with a neoprene wrist closure. Also offered but not pictured is the stretch-glove “Dune” ($22.95), the “Racer Supermatic” MX glove ($29.95), the “Racer Braap” lightweight MX glove ($29.95), the durable off-road “Megawatt Hard Knuckle” glove ($59.95), and the all-weather off-road “Neo Moto” glove ($49.95). Racer Braap and Supermatic also offer in youth sizing.Photo by Lindsey Lovell
The Fluid Tech Carbon knee braces are sold separately (left and right), each will run you $349.95. The brace is vented and knee width adjustment spacers offer fine-tuning with 1mm, 2mm and 3mm inserts.Photo by Lindsey Lovell
Soft strap system to secure brace with quick buckle and Velcro closures.Photo by Lindsey Lovell
Photo by Lindsey Lovell
Photo by Lindsey Lovell
The knee pivot system on the Fluid Tech Carbon and Fluid Pro ($459.95 for set) braces incorporate a tool-free poly-centric hinge system for adjustable extension stops (0, 5, 10, 1, and 20 degrees).Photo by Lindsey Lovell
Photo by Lindsey Lovell
The A1 Roost Guard, $99.95, is lightweight and offered in one-size fits all, although it is adjustable. Shoulder pads are removable.Photo by Lindsey Lovell
Photo by Lindsey Lovell
Removable back piece to make roost guard compatible with Alpinestars’ Bionic neck brace.Photo by Lindsey Lovell
Most protective Bionic jacket with waist adjuster and integrated kidney belt. The elbow guards are removable. Back protection is removable to provide more ventilation. S-2XL sizing offered at $299.95.Photo courtesy of Alpinestars
The mid-priced, $239.95, off-road protection in a jacket that zips up the middle and is BNS compatible. S-2XL available.Photo courtesy of Alpinestars
The lightest jacket in the lineup with less protection and more breathability. Available in S-2XL, $199.95.Photo courtesy of Alpinestars
Women (Stella, $249.95) and kids have specifically designed Bionic jackets.Photo by Lindsey Lovell
Alpinestars didn’t forget the kids. There is a Youth Bionic Jacket that is a ventilated, CE certified chest protector. Retails at $199.95 and comes in one size.Photo by Lindsey Lovell