Zox Helmets Z-MX10 Concept Review

We try a $229.99 helmet

Zox Helmets Z-MX10 Concept; $229.99Sean Klinger

Talking helmets with fellow moto riders is almost like talking about religion or politics; you're not supposed to do it in polite company! But we are not polite (sometimes), and it's our job to check out the wide variety of products on the market to protect your noodle. Enter Zox Helmets from Canada.

The Z-MX10, other than having a name that you forget immediately, has a Kevlar/fiberglass composite shell around an EPS liner. It is ECE and DOT approved but not Snell (again, it's up to you to decide which testing standard makes the most sense to you). There are ventilation channels in the EPS and four large vents on the back covered by plastic hexagonal grates. I can't help but notice a Leatt-like look to the style and placement of the vents.

On our shop scale the medium comes in at 1,290 grams, which is pretty impressive. For reference, one of the lightest helmets out there is an Airoh, which claims 950 grams as its lightest (XS), and Bell claims 1,450 for the Moto-9 Flex. I wore a large and the fit, to be kind, is weird. I would say it has an oval-ish shape and the crown of the helmet fit comfortably snug on my oval-ish head, but the cheek pads barely touched my face, which is super weird since I have a pretty full face (read: chipmunk cheeks). To confirm I had the right size I tried on a medium, which is just too tight on the crown and I couldn’t get it on all the way. While having a lot of room in the face is comfortable and makes your ride much cooler, it makes me concerned about the helmet staying in place in the event of a crash, which I didn’t have while wearing the Zox.

Zox Helmets Z-MX10 Concept; $229.99Sean Klinger

Ventilation is above average. The aforementioned face room helps, but the large vents are noticed when coming to a stop or cruising at low speed. In less ventilated helmets, as soon as you stop you feel heat build in the helmet, and I think the big triangular vents in the Zox do a good job of preventing that. The visor adjustment is smooth and secure, and I like that the main liner is attached with just four snaps and doesn’t have to be slid in to any complicated plastic pieces in the front or back. Overall, I think this is a cool-looking helmet that performs pretty well for less than three bills. I would suggest trying the helmets on, and since they are distributed by MTA Distributing, they shouldn’t be hard to find.

Rated: 85

Style 18/20
Comfort 7/10
Function 43/50
Wash/Care 9/10
Price 8/10