Yamaha Introduces All-New 2020 WR250F

Yamaha’s 250F enduro bike is more similar to its MX counterpart in 2020.

The Yamaha WR250F receives a full overhaul in 2020 and shares many components with the latest-generation YZ250F motocross bike.
The Yamaha WR250F receives a full overhaul in 2020 and shares many components with the latest-generation YZ250F motocross bike.Courtesy of Yamaha

Yamaha recently announced its 2020 WR250F, which receives a full overhaul similar to what the WR450F was granted in 2019. As far as components go, the Japanese manufacturer's 250 four-stroke enduro bike is closer than ever to the latest-generation YZ250F motocross bike.

The 2020 WR250F features a new high-compression piston and revised valve angle and exhaust cam timing, all of which are based on the current YZ250F but with enduro-specific settings to provide enhanced performance on the trail. A dual electrode spark plug and revised exhaust are designed to further improve the engine performance as well. According to Yamaha, compared to the previous WR250F engine, the 2020 design is more powerful at higher rpm and delivers stronger power through the rev range.

Further engine updates include a new clutch that is claimed to be lighter and tougher with new heat-resistant friction plates. The starter motor has been repositioned from the front of the engine to just behind the cylinder, contributing to mass centralization. The new system and redesigned one-way clutch are designed to reduce drag and horsepower loss for a claimed 60 percent reduction in load compared to the outgoing model. The kickstarter has also been eliminated to save weight.

Yamaha’s 250 four-stroke enduro bike uses the same bilateral beam frame as the YZ250F.
Yamaha’s 250 four-stroke enduro bike uses the same bilateral beam frame as the YZ250F.Courtesy of Yamaha

A new air filter boasts improved airflow and increased dust-filtering capability with rubber seals on the center positioning pin. In combination with the new air filter, a revised length of the intake funnel is designed to contribute to an excellent feeling of traction and linear power characteristics.

The all-new WR250F is spec’d with the same fully adjustable KYB Speed-Sensitive System (SSS) coil-spring fork as the YZ250F, but with model-specific enduro settings to provide optimal comfort and compliance. The outer tubes are the same as the YZ250F, and the diameter of the cartridge cylinder and piston have been increased from 24mm to 25mm compared to the outgoing model, as has the flow rate of the fork oil. The mid-speed valve (MSV) that provides damping in the mid-speed range has been changed from a coil-spring type to a leaf spring type too.

The shock is also based on the YZ250F and features enduro model-specific settings. It uses a coil spring with a higher fatigue strength than the outgoing model’s and with a 11.5mm wire diameter achieves a claimed weight reduction of approximately 350 grams (0.77 pound). The capacity of the shock reservoir has been increased by 30cc to run cooler and achieve a more stable damping force as well.

The 2020 WR250F now uses the same bilateral beam frame as the YZ250F. To achieve a rigidity balance with the amount of flex needed for enduro riding, the front engine mount brackets have been altered. Like the changes made to the 2020 YZ250FX cross-country bike, the upper-side engine mounts are the same used on the YZ250F, while two plate-type mounts are used for the front side of the engine.

The 2020 WR250F will be available in October 2019 for $8,599.
The 2020 WR250F will be available in October 2019 for $8,599.Courtesy of Yamaha

Surrounding this fully redesigned chassis is lighter and more compact bodywork from front to rear. The radiator shrouds incorporate a new air duct with a concave shape that is narrower for better knee grip and overall rider movement. To further aid rider movement and comfort, the seat height has been reduced and the aluminum tapered handlebar is four-way adjustable. A new, more protective plastic resin skid plate is used, which has less open space at the front in order to decrease the amount of debris that can go through it.

The WR250F features a newly designed 2.2-gallon plastic resin fuel tank, which is 0.2-gallon more than the outgoing model. The current YZ250F’s tank was used as the developmental base, and the lower portion has been extended downward toward the center of the bike to improve mass centralization and increase the tank’s capacity. A compact fuel pump is another new feature. These changes have made it possible to achieve a slimmer, more compact body design that is identical to the YZ250F without any additional bulk or interference in regard to riding position.

A redesigned seat with stiffer seat foam is fitted to aid rider maneuverability and to make getting on and off the bike easier. A slimmer design through the shroud/knee contact area helps improve rider ergonomics as well. Another new component is a lighter and less obtrusive kickstand that sits higher, and the amount it protrudes from the chassis is reduced to help prevent snagging. The weight of the kickstand has also been reduced by about 100 grams (0.22 pound). This is the same kickstand that is used on the 2020 YZ250FX.

The new headlight cowl sits lower and closer to the rider, which is intended to contribute to mass centralization and reducing steering effort. A new front wheel speed sensor connects to an enduro meter display and, without a speedo drive, is designed to make taking the front wheel on and off easier. The system features a pulse wheel and sensor system to provide detailed speed information.

Like the outgoing model, the new WR250F features a radiator cooling fan, LED taillight, speedometer, fuel level warning lamp, engine warning lamp, an 18-inch rear wheel, Dunlop MX3S tires, and a sealed O-ring chain. The 2020 WR250F will be available in October 2019 for $8,599.