Wyoming US MotoTrials Photo Gallery

Sherco USA’s Andrew Putt swept the final round of the Aires AMA US National MotoTrials Series in Casper, Wyoming, winning day-one over teammate Daniel Blanc-Gonnet and then topping day-two over Montesa USA’s Cody Webb. It was a beautiful event and photographer Shan Moore was on hand to capture all the action.



  1. Andrew Putt (Shr) 30
  2. Daniel Blanc-Gonnet (Shr) 44
  3. Cody Webb (Mon) 46
  4. Logan Bolopue (Shr) 49
  5. Alex Niederer (GG) 67
  6. Shad Petersen (GG) 95


  1. Andrew Putt (Shr) 16
  2. Cody Webb (Mon) 18
  3. Daniel Blanc-Gonnet (Shr) 39
  4. Logan Bolopue (Shr) 41
  5. Alex Niederer (GG) 44
  6. Quinn Wentzel (Sco) 81
  7. Shad Petersen (Bet) 140
Six-time national champ Ryan Young made his comeback to the sport at the national level after 15 years away from the nationals, winning the Senior Expert division on Saturday.Photo by Shan Moore
Sherco USA’s Aaron Thistle was very impressive in Wyoming in the Expert division and battled it out with Gas Gas rider Drew Fortner, with Thistle taking the win on Saturday.Photo by Shan Moore
Andrew Putt won the Pro class both days, but Cody Webb gave him a run for his money on Sunday.Photo by Shan Moore
Cody Webb had problems with this huge step on Saturday, but turned things around on Sunday.Photo by Shan Moore
Andrew Putt, again, dropping into the “waterfall” section.Photo by Shan Moore
Logan Bolopue exits section five on Saturday.Photo by Shan Moore
Dustin Land of Kansas enters a section on his Ossa.Photo by Shan Moore
Alex Niederer puts his Gas Gas up and over a wooden step.Photo by Shan Moore
Daniel Blanc-Gonnet was second in the Pro class on Saturday.Photo by Shan Moore
Scorpa USA’s Quinn Wentzel wrapped up the Expert championship on Saturday and elected to ride the Pro class on Sunday, finishing sixth.Photo by Shan Moore