World Vet MX Championships Race Report

The 30 and 50 Pro classes had some big names

30 Pro PodiumBrown Dog Wilson

The 30 Pro class had a large gate, but there were about five guys who were really capable of winning the title. The first moto saw a wicked Glen Helen track that had been rained on heavily. Mike Sleeter said it was the worst he has ever seen it there, and he has ridden there a lot over the years. The bad conditions didn’t slow down Brett Metcalfe though as he charged to a first-moto win over Mike Brown. The second moto the skies had cleared and the track had been re-groomed. Brownie got the holeshot and led the first couple of laps before being overtaken by Metcalfe. Sitting close by in third was Utah local Jason Potter, who was right on Brownie’s back tire for much of the moto. But that would be the finishing order for the day, with Metcalfe earning his first World Vet National title.

Mike BrownBrown Dog Wilson
Brett MetcalfeBrown Dog Wilson
Jason PotterBrown Dog Wilson

30+ Pro Results

  1. Brett Metcalfe (Kaw)
  2. Mike Brown (Hsq)
  3. Jason Potter (Hon)
  4. Tonni Andersen (KTM)
  5. Mike Sleeter (KTM)
50 Pro PodiumBrown Dog Wilson

The 50 Pro Class saw local Doug Dubach out with his winning ways. The man has probably logged more laps than anybody at Glen Helen and knows the dirt no matter how bad it gets. Kurt Nicoll showed some of his past form and kept Dubach honest, but it wasn’t enough to catch the Doctor. Running in third was a name we haven’t seen much of lately: Keith Bowen. The former factory Yamaha rider was looking fit and fast! They say if Bowen didn’t have to race at the same time as the Rick Johnson or Ron Lechien types, he would be more of a household name, but he raced during an era of superstars and did well to hold his own against them.

Speaking of Lechien, when asked why he was a few spots back of the top three, he laughed and said, “Those guys are all about 100 pounds less than me, and my bike isn’t fast enough to carry that kind of weight around at their pace!”

Doug DubachBrown Dog Wilson
Kurt NicollBrown Dog Wilson
Keith BowenBrown Dog Wilson

2017 World Vet MX Championships

50+ Pro Results

  1. Doug Dubach (Yam)
  2. Kurt Nicoll (KTM)
  3. Keith Bowen (Hon)
  4. John Grewe (Kaw)
  5. Ron Lechien (Kaw)