It was an exciting Women’s main event at Round 1 of the EnduroCross series with the top 5 riders switching back and forth for the lead.

Tarah Gieger took the early lead followed by Tayla Jones. After some battles and a few mistakes among the riders defending champion Shelby Turner took the win. This first round, the track was fast and jumpy which led to an exciting night of racing.

Below are the racers, in their finishing order.

First Place: Shelby TurnerDiahann Tanke
Second Place: Kacy MartinezDiahann Tanke
Third Place: Tayla JonesDiahann Tanke
Fourth Place: Tarah GeigerDiahann Tanke
Fifth Place: Morgan TankeDiahann Tanke
Sixth Place: Kendall ReedDiahann Tanke
Seventh Place: Ryann BradleyDiahann Tanke
Eighth Place: Tatum HarrisDiahann Tanke
Ninth Place: Bibi CarmoucheDiahann Tanke