Women’s 2017 EnduroCross Round Four, Everett PHOTOS

Photo Results From Round Four, Everett, Washington

Shelby Turner took an early lead and put a big gap on the other riders. That left Morgan Tanke battling Melissa Harten for second place until Kacy Martinez worked her way forward. Tanke then went back and forth with Martinez to the last lap, with Tanke taking second place and Martinez third. The Xfinity Arena track was more technical than what we’ve seen in the previous rounds.

Below are the racers, in their finishing order.

Shelby Turner KTM

Shelby Turner
Shelby TurnerDiahann Tanke

Morgan Tanke Beta

Morgan Tanke
Morgan TankeDiahann Tanke

Kacy Martinez KTM

Kacy Martinez
Kacy MartinezDiahann Tanke

Melissa Harten Beta

Melissa Harten
Melissa HartenDiahann Tanke

Tarah Gieger Honda

Tarah Gieger
Tarah GiegerDiahann Tanke

Jannie Lamontagne Husky

Jannie Lamontagne
Jannie LamontagneDiahann Tanke

Tatum Harris KTM

Tatum Harris
Tatum HarrisDiahann Tanke

Victoria Harcy Beta

Victoria Harcy
Victoria HarcyDiahann Tanke