Here is a little behind the scenes photo gallery from a recent Dirt Rider Dirt Locker Video shoot out at Motoventures in Anza, California. As for the video, the premise was to take four really fast supercross and motocross guys who haven’t spent any time on a trials bike and throw them to the wolves. Or, we should say wolf, who in this case is ten-time National Trials Champion Geoff Aaron. Sure these guys can huck whips and blitz whoops all day but can they slow down to crawling pace and make it up some rocks, ledges, and drops? The video will show how these guys do. For now here are some photos of the MXers getting making it look pretty easy after the expert instruction of Mr. Aaron.

Strange boots for moto dudes.Photo By Jeff Allen
Geoff AaronPhoto By Jeff Allen
Tyler Enticknap (Fly) and Zach Bell (Fox)Photo By Jeff Allen
Nick Evennou (Astars) and Matt Bynum (Klim)Photo By Jeff Allen
A little rock can be made a lot harder by having to start from a stop.Photo By Jeff Allen
Awaiting instruction.Photo By Jeff Allen
Luckily Geoff Aaron is patient.Photo By Jeff Allen
And he is good at Tai Chi.Photo By Jeff Allen
Getting the hang of it.Photo By Jeff Allen
Zach was a quick learner.Photo By Jeff Allen
Zach BellPhoto By Jeff Allen
A split second before Matt tests the skid plate.Photo By Jeff Allen
Geoff explains how to properly tackle the rock.Photo By Jeff Allen
Tyler also getting some extra attention.Photo By Jeff Allen
Geoff can’t help but to show off.Photo By Jeff Allen
Once the basics were mastered, some bigger sections were attempted.Photo By Jeff Allen
Nothing to pinch with your knees.Photo By Jeff Allen
At around 160 pounds, trials bikes feel incredibly light.Photo By Jeff Allen
The look on Geoff’s face is one of relaxed indifference.Photo By Jeff Allen
Zach tackling the same rock. A little more strained.Photo By Jeff Allen
Zach focusing on bike control.Photo By Jeff Allen
“But I normally go through the whoops like beeeyaaad, dah, dah, dah..”Photo By Jeff Allen
Geoff is ready to jump in if it gets harry, which it does in the video.Photo By Jeff Allen
Confidence was high at the end of the day.Photo By Jeff Allen
Matt channeling his inner Trials Guy.Photo By Jeff Allen
“Tyler, if you talk about whoops one more time I might have to give you a little slap.”Photo By Jeff Allen
Good form, just don’t mind the look of surprise on his face.Photo By Jeff Allen
Again, Geoff is so relaxed it looks if he’s wondering, “Did I leave the stove on?”Photo By Jeff Allen