Weston Peick Interview: Motocross Preparation

Interview with the JGRMX Yamaha rider Weston Peick.

For JGR/Toyota/Yamaha’s Weston Peick, the 2016 Supercross season got off to a rocky start at the season opener, following his on-track boxing match with Vince Friese, which ultimately resulted in a suspension for the Californian. After returning to the starting gate, things never really seemed to go his way. Following a crash at the season finals in Vegas, which forced him to withdraw from the race, Peick is now anxiously anticipating the fresh start that the outdoor season brings. With a relatively early start to outdoor preparation about a month ago, he is now in the midst of full-blown testing and training for the long, hot motos of the great outdoors. While his team made some changes to his YZ450F, we caught up with him to get his thoughts on the Supercross season and the upcoming Nationals.

Outdoors are almost in full swing. When did you start testing for outdoors?

We started testing about four weeks ago, but not much. We just got a basic setting figured out and rode with that for a couple weeks. We’re out here this week fully testing. The entire team came out and we’re getting everything sorted out as much as we can.

Weston Peick, motocross prep
Weston Peick is tough enough for outdoors and is looking for a better MX season than his year in Supercross.Photography by Brendan Lutes

What are your thoughts on the Supercross season? Were you happy with how you did?

Supercross was bad for me this year. I kind of had a lot of ups and downs, and a lot of crashes—just a lot of experiences that I wasn’t expecting to have this year. It’s just one of those things, though, that happens. You have those bad years. You just have to learn from them and make sure you don’t do it the following year. The biggest thing is just trying to move on with it and keep your head up. This year was just bad juju from the get-go, and that’s just how it went for the rest of the season.

Are you looking forward to outdoors then? You get to turn the page and start fresh.

Yeah, I’m definitely looking forward to the season. That’s all you can do—just keep going forward. I look forward to outdoors. It’s something that we all did growing up and it’s a lot of fun as long as everything is going well. I enjoy it and I’m looking forward to begin racing.

Weston Peick
The JGRMX team brought the race team rig out to Glen Helen on Thursday for testing.Photography by Brenden Lutes

Do you like Supercross or outdoors more?

I prefer Supercross. It’s fun and challenging, but it’s one of those things that when you race Supercross for 17 rounds, you’re kind of over it. Then outdoors comes around and you race it, then you’re over outdoors by the time it’s done. Both are equally good and you have to race both.

When you're testing, what are you focusing on?

I’m just fine-tuning stuff—that’s the biggest thing. I just try to ride tracks the way I would during a race and simulate what happens on a race weekend, so we can test in similar conditions. I think that’s the biggest thing—just trying to find something that replicates a race weekend and build the bike around that.

Do you change more suspension settings or motor settings coming from Supercross into outdoors?

I’d say if anything we’re changing more suspension and chassis stuff. We’re doing a lot of chassis stuff, whether it’s triple clamps, suspension, or linkage. We’re just trying different stuff to get the bike working as best as we possibly can.

What are your expectations going into outdoors at Hangtown next week?

I just want to be consistent and be up front every single weekend—top-10 or top-five. I want to try to keep it up there and have consistent, solid weekends. That’s about all we’re looking for on the team.

Weston Peick, motocross prep
Peick moves some Glen Helen dirt in search of his perfect outdoor set up.Photography by Brendan Lutes