The past four years I have been to Washougal, it had either rained the day before or all week, or it rained on race day. The Washougal dirt is famous for getting very slippery, or maybe “snotty” is a better word for it, when it is wet. The track crew has always done a great job making it the best they can. But on this Saturday, when we got to the track, the whole thing looked like one big chocolate cake. Sure, it was going to be a very muddy first practice, but they do that on purpose. By the time it was time to go racing, the dirt was so tacky and good as I walked around on it, only wishing I could spin some laps myself. The ruts were getting big, but not like what we have seen back East recently. By the end of the day the parts of track getting sun had become very dry, and the top layer was more like marbles, but it was still better than mud. The ruts were very unforgiving and you had to be at your best to hit them fast, all you have to do is watch Marvin, he can show you how its done. Eli didn’t look completely comfortable, I think it was little to bumpy and he likes to rail those smooth corners on the outside.

Eli Tomac only had enough for 2nd at Washougal.Brown Dog Wilson
Christian Craig shows off for the cameras on the big uphill step-down hit.Brown Dog Wilson
Jeremy Martin wasn’t on top of his game this weekend.Brown Dog Wilson
450 Start, Moto 1.Brown Dog Wilson
250 Start, Moto 1.Brown Dog Wilson
That’s two in a row for Joey Savatgy.Brown Dog Wilson
Adam Ciancarulio.Brown Dog Wilson
Martin Davalos pulled a nice holeshot and was able to finish third in Moto 2.Brown Dog Wilson
Marvin Musquin is 2-2 with wins.Brown Dog Wilson
Christian Craig.Brown Dog Wilson
Henry Miller is starting to show up on some teams radars.Brown Dog Wilson
Weston Pieck had some rear brake problems in the second moto.Brown Dog Wilson
Zach Osborne still owns that red plate.Brown Dog Wilson
Colt Nichols was putting in some of the fastest laps of the day.Brown Dog Wilson
Eli Tomac is never happy about a 2nd.Brown Dog Wilson
Dean Wilson moved backwards this week to 6th.Brown Dog Wilson
Dylan Ferrandis scored another podium.Brown Dog Wilson
Aaron Plessinger won the first moto but didn’t so well in the second.Brown Dog Wilson
Washougal is so pretty!Brown Dog Wilson