Washougal Motocross 2015 Photo Gallery

Weston Peick reaches the highest point at Washougal.Photo by Ben Baucum
Alex Martin was a victim of the muddy conditions during the first moto. He was able to salvage some positions during the second for an 11th overall.Photo by Ben Baucum
There was a lot of focus on puddle control in the pits.Photo by Ben Baucum
Cooper Webb on his way to 1st overall.Photo by Ben Baucum
It was a sketchy hike to the upper beer garden.Photo by Ben Baucum
Jessy Nelson does his best to scrub a massive speed bump.Photo by Ben Baucum
Ryan Dungey has won 7 of 8 races at Washougal. He credits line choice and good throttle control.Photo by Ben Baucum
Shane McElrath, Michell Oldenburg and Jesse Nelson are teammates on the Troy Lee Designs, Lucas Oil, Red Bull, KTM squad. Here they are in a formation the Blue Angels call the Sonic Wedge.Photo by Ben Baucum
Following a fun day slipping around the track, Saturday night was definitely a bath night.Photo by Ben Baucum
Roczen didn’t get the best start in the first moto placing 7th, he improved in the second finishing 3rd.Photo by Ben Baucum
Phil Nicoletti rode like a beast snagging 5th overall.Photo by Ben Baucum
Christophe Pourcel proves that he’s a contender when the conditions are greasy. The fast Frenchman earned the final spot on the podium for the overall.Photo by Ben Baucum
Jeremy Martin wasn’t able to clear the unrelenting roost from the first muddy moto, but pulled it together for a 5th overall.Photo by Ben Baucum
Zach Osborne holds it wide open in Washougal’s new sand section.Photo by Ben Baucum
Though Tomac didn’t race, his presence alone was enough to make someone’s day.Photo by Ben Baucum
Peick found his stride in the second moto going 12-4 on the day, with a 6th overall.Photo by Ben Baucum
Trey Canard proved two things at Washougal. He’s not superstitious (choosing the track where he broke 2 femurs to return to competition following an injury) and he can finish in the top 10.Photo by Ben Baucum
Barcia proved that good starts are important in poor conditions.Photo by Ben Baucum
Jason Anderson chases Nicoletti during the second 450 moto.Photo by Ben Baucum
Josh Grant enjoys a scenic glance while carving a slick rut.Photo by Ben Baucum
Justin Barcia stayed the most clean of any rider during the day. He led most laps and if it hadn’t been for a washout, would have had the overall on the day.Photo by Ben Baucum
Ryan Dungey seems to find traction where there is none.Photo by Ben Baucum
Vince Friese kept clean for a few turns. The MotoConcepts rider would end the day 11th overall.Photo by Ben Baucum