On Two Wheels Episode 10

Originally post on Thursday, June 21, 2012

We love our off-road bikes over here at Dirt Rider and as much hard work was put in to bring you one thorough four-way comparison, just as much fun was had making this video to get you guys pumped up for when the 450 off-road comparo story prints in the August issue—which has been completely redesigned by the way.

In Episode 10 of On Two Wheels, we found the best trails in Nebraska that consisted of crazy sand washes with overgrown reeds, loose rocks, rock gardens and the occasional school bus sized boulder that calls for trials-like skills to be applied. Don't forget the rocky hill climbs, weaving single track that kept us on our toes and nature's typical EnduroCross section. Our testing procedure was to run the bikes through a well-planned loop that included each of the aforementioned terrain types. At the end of riding all day and nearly all night we had burned up a ton of gas, could tell you how amazing the stock headlights were and also knew about every characteristic of each of the bikes.

Don’t get to worked up on this teaser for the video that is a teaser itself! We’d love to give the whole story to you right now but we really want to see what you think of our beautiful, yet classy and completely redesigned mag. We hope you still recognize it!

On this episode of Motor Trend's On Two Wheels, the Dirt Rider testing crew heads to a top-secret testing location to compare four of the most competitive off-road bikes on the market: The Honda CRF450X, the Beta 450RR, the Yamaha WR450F and the KTM 450 XC-W: