VIDEO: Troy Lee Designs Adventure Transfer Vest - DR Tested

Check out this DR Tested video review for our thoughts on the TLD Adventure Transfer Vest.

Troy Lee Designs is no stranger to the gear market, but the stylish company has been making a hard push lately into the world of off-road. TLD's latest Adventure gear lineup includes the transfer vest, a product that replaces a traditional hydration pack/tool pack combo and offers a single place to carry all of the necessary tools, spares, snacks, goodies, and water that we off-roaders like to ride with. This is not a new idea; OGIO has been offering a similar setup for years. The TLD unit is bigger, which is both one of the best things and one of the worst things about the vest; there is a ton of room for everything you need, but at the same time the additional carry space prompts a tendency to overload on tools! In an attempt to maintain a proper-sized load, I literally just transferred my everyday tool pack straight into the TLD vest, then inserted a topped off a hydration bladder (not included, unfortunately) and stuffed my riding jacket into the large back pouch. One big benefit of the vest is weight distribution; by carrying some of the load on your front, you get a nice, balanced feel that can only be replicated when wearing a backpack by cinching down the sternum and shoulder straps to crazy-tight. I was pleased by how comfortably the vest rode both with and without a chest protector underneath, and mobility was only ever so slightly hindered. That said, crashing with a large socket stowed over a couple of ribs can inflict serious damage if you don’t have armor on, so I’d advise you to pack—and gear up—accordingly. Check out this video for a few more thoughts on the TLD Transfer Vest.