VIDEO: Spin Doctor MXV Pump Review - DR Tested

Check out this DR Tested video review for our thoughts on the MXV mini pump from Spin Doctor.

Everyone has to pump up there tires and rather than bringing a full-size floor pump to the track or trails every time you ride, think about getting something a little smaller. The Spin DR MXV Pump is actually made for bicycles and is sold exclusively through Performance Bicycle. The MXV is a simple, lightweight air pump that has a switchable head for both Schrader and Presta valves (if you wanted to use it on your road bike). The cool thing about the pump is that it is so small and light. It takes up a tiny amount of room in a track box and isn’t too heavy to through in your trail bag or hydro pack. The downside to this pump is that it doesn’t move that much air. Your arms will get a good workout if you are pumping up a tire from totally flat.