Sidi's Crossfire 3 SRS Adjustable Calf System Teaser | VIDEO

Get a glimpse at the Crossfire 3 SRS's Adjustable Calf System

The anticipation for Sidi's Crossfire 3 SRS boots is continuing to build with the presentation of the third video that showcases the boot's Adjustable Calf System. The Adjustable Calrf System is designed to improve fit and protection. The boot leg has a replaceable muffler guard plate on the inside, to protect the leg from the heat of the motor and defend against wear and tear. This part with the rubber insert also allows the rider a firmer leg grip on the motorcycle chassis.

Sidi Crossfire 3 SRS Adjustable Calf System.
Sidi's Crossfire 3 SRS Adjustable Calf System.Photo Courtesy of MotoNation

However, the most important feature is the Adjustable Calf System, which allows for the expansion of the boot’s opening through a series of simple and practical adjustments, to ensure a perfectly comfortable fit for even the largest calves. Furthermore, this way we can meet the needs of riders who often wear knee braces, which need more room to be placed, so the boot closes properly in any case.

Watch the video to see the Adjustable Calf System feature for the Crossfire 3 SRS: