VIDEO: Red Bull Hare Scramble Race Results and Recap Video

Cody Webb was the first American to stand on the Erzberg podium

Though Erzbergrodeo organizer Karl Katoch and his team took the edge off the almost impassible 2015 route, the new course proved to be extremely demanding even for the most experienced riders. Extremely steep ascents, huge debris fields, and slippery forest passage resulted in spectacular crashes, swearing riders and smoking engines across the slopes of the red mountain.

Graham Jarvis, Red Bull Hare Scramble
Britain's Graham Jarvis managed to get first place at the challenging and demanding Red Bull Hare Scramble.Photo Courtesy of Red Bull

The action got serious from the start, as the first gravel ascent took its toll, with several riders struggling with the section and rolling back down the hill. Five-time Erzberg winner and favorite Taddy Blazusiak (POL), mastered the section easily and took the lead ahead of a field packed with some of the greatest off-road racers in the world. Blazusiak was soon passed by Cody Webb (USA), leading the top flight with Blazusiak, Alfredo Gomez (ESP) and Wade Young (RSA) to the first check point. Then, Graham Jarvis (GBR), winner in 2013 and 2015, caught up and took the lead, reaching the infamous Carl's Dinner ahead of Webb and Gomez. Taddy Blazusiak struggled with a broken brake lever and clutch problems that saw him drop back to ninth place by Carl’s Dinner.

Cody Webb, Red Bull Hare Scramble
Cody Webb was the first American to stand on the Erzberg podium and secured second place.Photo Courtesy of Red Bull and Sebastian Marko

Jarvis extended his lead and after 2 hours and 15 minutes (1.5 hours faster than in 2015) and encouraged by the cheering crowd, reached the finish line and was awarded the winning winning flag. After victories in 2013 and 2015 and a second place in 2014, he is one of the most successful riders at the Red Bull Hare Scramble. Behind Jarvis, Gomez and Webb were locked in battle for second place. Things intensified as the Spaniard took his KTM into the key “Lazy Noon” climb with a comfortable lead, but he couldn’t clear the obstacle before Webb arrived. After several tries, it was Webb who mastered the climb to claim second place as he sped away to the finish line, making him the first American to ever podium at the race. Mario Roman (ESP) caught up impressively and queued behind the top flight in fourth place.

1. Graham Jarvis (GBR) 02:18:47
2. Cody Webb (USA) +00:33:07
3. Alfredo Gomez (ESP) +00:36:02
4. Mario Roman (ESP) +00:58:19
5. Billy Bolt (GBR) +01:08:46
6. Wade Young (RSA) +01:12:28
7. Paul Bolton (GBR) +01:19:35
8. Taddy Blazusiak (POL) +01:23:08
9. Philipp Scholz (GER) +01:37:24
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