VIDEO: Moto Gizmo Moto Light Review - DR Tested

Pete Peterson reviews the Moto Light from Moto Gizmo inside this DR Tested video.

The Motogizmo Moto Light is not really a light, but a mount to attach a 1” diameter flashlight to your helmet. This is a way to get a helmet light relatively cheaply, especially if you already have a flashlight that fits it. This is a cool thing to have in your tool bag for those rides when you don’t expect to need a helmet light, but then Murphy tags along for the ride and you’re out at night. It works good, but since the mount attaches with a bolt through one of your visor mounts, the light beam travels through your field of vision, which is not ideal, especially if there is dust or rain. The light will stay in place while you ride, but you need a quality flashlight that is up to the vibration and impacts. This is not a replacement for a true helmet light, but you should be carrying a flashlight in your pack anyway, and this is a lightweight and simple way to give yourself another option for riding home in the dark, or just as a hands-free light holder for trailside repairs. At $24.95 it’s not dirt cheap, but it works.