VIDEO: Enzo Revalved Suspension Review - DR Tested

Senior Test Editor Kris Keefer breaks down what he thought about Enzo's suspension work on our 2016 Yamaha YZ450F.

Having your suspension set up personally for you is arguably the most important part of going fast on a dirt bike. Enzo is known for their great KYB suspension work so why not let them set up our 2016 Yamaha YZ450F. We had them re-valve the fork and shock, but also wanted them to install their spring tubes (for the fork) and high speed adjuster (for the shock). For around a $1000.00 we got the re-worked suspension back in less than seven business days and was ready to rip around the Southern California tracks to test it out. In this episode of DR TESTED we let Kris Keefer break down what he thought about Enzo's work.