Chasing the Dream Xtra: Webisode 12 James Stewart and Chad Reed Rivalry | VIDEO

Look back at the 2009 battle that fueled the rivalry

In this webisode of Chasing the Dream -Xtra, Stewart and Reed recount the tense moments on and off the track that fueled fire to an already budding rivalry. Relive the extreme moment at the 2009 Anaheim race as the competitors were one and two battling for the lead when they both go down hard charging into the whoops.

As the stakes got higher in 2009, the feud boiled over even more in Jacksonville when the riders exchanged heated words during the second practice session. Stewart and Reed played a cat and mouse game during the Main Event and bumped bars several times. Stewart took the checkered flag that night but tensions rose when the two went face-to-face on the podium.

Chasing the Dream -Xtra picks up two years later in Atlanta when the competitors collided during the Main Event. In typical Stewart and Reed back and forth racing, it was a battle fueled by the passion to win. Fans can't seem to get enough of these two titans trying to take each other out.

Watch the rivalry bud below: