VIDEO: 2017 Husqvarna FX 450 Review

Test rider Dominic Cimino gives us a run down of the Husqvarna off-road hybrid bike, 2017 FX 450, after a day of riding the motocross track and off-road trails at Cahuilla Creek.

Husqvarna just had a multi-bike press launch and we were there to cover it. We spun some laps and trail miles on all three bikes in their ‘X’ line, the FX 350 and FX 450 four-strokes and the TX 300 two-stroke. These bikes are designed as the do-all bikes in Husky’s line, so we put them to the test. We also got some moto time on Husky’s new TC 250, and all-new motocross-specific two stroke that has a new engine to take two-stroke power to the next level while also minimizing the engine’s vibration; this is the same motor the TX 300 uses. Here’s a quick look at the FX 450 after a day of initial testing on the bike.