VIDEO: 2016 KTM 450 SX-F Web Test

We rode the 2016 KTMs at the world press launch in Indiana, and just recently took possession of our 2016 450 SX-F. Day one was at Comp Edge in Hesperia, CA as we got the test started. Watch for the full test in the November issue.

Here's a second opinion, that didn't fit in our print magazine, from associate editor / test rider Pete Peterson:

I'm definitely not a 450 guy, they all feel too heavy to me, don't respond like I want them to, and wear me out. But if someone left the barn door open at the Dirt Rider stable and all the 250Fs got out and I had to pick a 450, this KTM would be my top choice. This bike turns. It lays over and I also feel that I can control of the bike's direction once out of the turn and accelerating. Too many 450s get pointed in a direction and are very reluctant to change course without slowing; it's a whole different way of 'steering with the throttle.' With the KTM I could charge down a section of track with a little bend to it without getting off the gas. The engine's throttle response was great and felt, in a good way, like there was a dense rubber bumper between the throttle and rear wheel – it did everything with the force of a 450 but not with the sharp edge. I was also impressed with the suspension; it was extremely cushy, especially on jump landings. I tried Denison's suspension settings and was surprised how much of a difference a half turn of high speed compression in the shock made to the bike's cornering; 2 out (stock) had the bike turning great, 1.5 turns out had the front end diving and knifing on corner entry; it felt like the adjuster set the rear ride height for when you were not on the gas. More important than any of this, the KTM is fun to ride and I felt confident and relaxed on it.Pete Peterson, 40+ Novice 5'10", 170 lbs