VIDEO: A 125cc Two-Stroke In Sand Whoops

Watch a Yamaha YZ125 blazing through the desert!

Is there any sweeter sound than a 125cc two-stroke jamming down the trail? We don’t think so, which is why we are always looking for fun ways to put our Yamaha YZ125 two-stroke to the test. In this video, DR Associate Editor Kris Keefer takes you onboard for a look at what it’s like to send the YZ125 through a rough, sandy seat of whoops at one of our favorite riding spots. This whoop section actually goes on for miles, but Keefer opted to just run this segment in order to give you a glimpse of the bike’s performance.

When blitzing whoops on a 125, the key is to keep the engine in the meat of the power—and that means twisting the throttle liberally! You’ll notice that Keefer is shifting as needed and using the clutch to keep the power in the sweet spot. His weight is centered and back on the bike, and he’s making sure that his front wheel hits every single whoop. One thing you can’t see is that Keefer is riding on the balls of his feet for maximum absorption and control, which keeps him in line even when the rear end threatens to step out.

Enjoy the video, and be sure to turn the volume up!