Twin Air BIO Factory Pre-Oiled Dual Stage Air Filter – Product Of The Week

Pre-oiled air filters are handy for quick changes on both motocross and off-road bikes

The filter and the bag are reusable. It's a good idea to keep the stock filter in this bag, oiled and ready to go for next time.Photo By Sean Klinger

Twin Air BIO Factory Pre-Oiled Dual Stage Air Filter


This week we have a very convenient product from a very Dutch company. The Twin Air BIO Factory Pre-Oiled Dual Stage Air Filter, other than having a long name, is a definite step up from your bike’s stock air filter. We point out that this product was born and developed in the Netherlands not just as a anecdotal fact, but because the Netherlands has notoriously sandy and gritty soil that pretty much makes riding with dual stage foam filter a necessity.

For one, it has two different density foams. The outer foam is of a larger, more open design for maximum airflow and the second, innermost foam is denser to trap even the smallest of particles. For two, it comes pre-oiled which is, to any rider who does his own maintenance, super convenient. Lastly it is very cool that this filter uses bio oil. Yeah, it is better for the environment but really, since we can clean our filters in the kitchen sink without worrying about messing up the pipes or being un-green, this ups the convenience factor even more.

We have used these filters on a wide variety of bikes and they always fit great. Using rim grease isn’t necessary but you can if that makes you feel better. Using Twin Air’s BIO cleaner is very easy and just requires warm water an about 15 minutes. The filters come out very clean (not brand new, factory clean but close).

Air filter
Twin Air claims that their "micro seams" take up less foam space and, therefore, filter more air.Photo By Sean Klinger
Air filter inner foam
The large contact area and dense inner foam allow you to skip the rim grease.Photo By Sean Klinger
Air filter installed
There is no fitment issues on any bikes that we've put these on, even though they tend to run a bit bigger than stock air filters.Photo By Sean Klinger