Trystan Hart Hammers The Toasted Hare Scramble

Increases point lead in AMA WHS to 42 over 2017 champ Max Gerston

Trystan Hart
Although he missed this race last year, Trystan Hart felt right at home in the Washington woods, leading from the first lap and putting time on the field the rest of the afternoon to win by an impressive five minutes and 20 seconds. That puts him 42 points ahead with just two rounds left. His name will be the second one on the race’s perpetual trophy.Mark Kariya

SRT Husqvarna's Trystan Hart stepped closer to the Kenda/SRT AMA West Hare Scrambles Regional Championship when he dominated round 6 in Bellingham, Washington, the 2nd Annual Toasted Hare Scramble hosted by the Mt. Baker Motorcycle Club and Northwest Motorcycle Association.

Having missed last year’s race, Hart noted, “I didn’t realize it was going to be so tight, but this is like places in Canada. This is what I ride so this really suited my style.” After winning in two hours, 41 minutes, and 30 seconds, his series point total now stands at 152 with just two rounds left.

Devan Bolin
Devan Bolin is still trying to find the secret to quick dead-engine starts on his 350 XC-F compared to his previous 300 XC. Left at the start while he tried coaxing it to life, he rallied back through the pack, climbing to second, but there was no catching Hart by then for the round 5 winner.Mark Kariya

Joining him on the podium were two guys who did it the hard way—runner-up Devan Bolin and third-place Max Gerston—both suffering bad starts and having to pick off riders one by one all afternoon.

“I put in the best charge I could—just too little, too late—disappointing,” Gray Area KTM rider Bolin (the round 5 winner) commented.

Beta’s Gerston—who picked up his very first series win last year at this race—said, “I definitely didn’t make it easy on myself. Man, I think this year there’s just a lot more competition; I mean, there’s so many fast dudes! It used to be the fourth through eighth guys, you could get by them pretty easy, but now it’s like every one of those dudes is super, super fast and fit.

“It kind of came down to fitness for me,” he continued. “I just maintained the pace that we all kind of set and then I just improved on the pace a little bit and kept putting the hammer down and kept digging and digging.”

Max Gerston
There’d be no repeat for Max Gerston, who won his first AMA WHS at this race last year en route to the championship. It came down to the start, as he also suffered a bad one and found it difficult to get by guys who’ve picked up the pace since last year. The reigning series champ finally secured third on the last lap and is now second in points.Mark Kariya

After running in third late in the race, GasGas rider Travis Coy found himself making too many mistakes, crashing on each of the last three laps and having to settle for fourth. Holeshot winner J.T. Baker ran in second behind teammate Hart for the first half of the race before cramps got the better of him and he rounded out the top five followed by Ryan Turner, Clayton Gerstner, Joel Tonsgard (last year’s third-place finisher), Zane Roberts, and Dillon Sheppard (the FMF Pro 250 winner for the first time this season).

Defending series champ Max Gerston now moves into second in points behind Hart, 152 versus 110, a deficit that’ll be difficult to overcome with just two rounds left. Both Coy and the injured-and-absent Dante Oliveira are tied at 96 while Bolin is fifth at 90.

Dillon Sheppard
Although he trailed off the start, Dillon Sheppard was able to win the FMF Pro 250 class for the first time this season, class point leader Jeremy Wilton having a bad day with suspension issues.Mark Kariya
Kyle Kerling
Kyle Kerling topped the 250cc A class and was first A at 16th overall, just 38 seconds ahead of Open A winner Jaden Dahners.Mark Kariya
J.T. Baker leads the Pros
J.T. Baker leads the Pros into the first turn just ahead of teammate and eventual winner Hart (84) with fourth-place Travis Coy (452) coming up on the inside and Ryan Turner (512AA) trying the outside. Eventual runner-up Bolin is just leaving the start line back there.Mark Kariya
Maria Forsberg-Hahn
After retiring and starting a family, it was good to see Women A winner Maria Forsberg-Hahn back in the saddle as she prepares for a few GNCCs later in the year.Mark Kariya
Allyson Tonsgard (left), Forsberg-Hahn (center), McKenna Cheff (right)
Allyson Tonsgard (left) wasn’t much farther than this to Forsberg-Hahn (center) at the finish; McKenna Cheff (right) made it an all-Washington podium in Women A. (Last year at this time, both Forsberg-Hahn and Tonsgard were pregnant with the boys they’re holding.)Mark Kariya
Ava Silvestri
In her first race back after breaking a leg, Ava Silvestri was a bit rusty.Mark Kariya
But Silvestri managed to ride this stunt out.Mark Kariya
Heather Mowell
And finished second in Women B behind Heather Mowell.Mark Kariya
Heather Mowell
A close call indeed, but she saved it!Mark Kariya
Seven Diaz
Seven Diaz put in another tough double-race weekend but came away with double wins. On Saturday, he topped the Big Wheel class in taking the Youth overall. The next day he lined up for 200cc B and came from behind to take the overall in that Sunday morning race.Mark Kariya
Ryder Thomaselli
After grabbing the holeshot against the Big Wheel racers, Ryder Thomaselli may have slipped back a little in the Youth overall, but he still topped the Junior Mini class easily and was the final rider on the lead lap.Mark Kariya
Mt. Baker M.C.
The Mt. Baker M.C. is one of the oldest AMA-chartered clubs in the country (having received its charter in 1926) and its Cowbell Enduro is the second-longest continually run race, having started in 1931! That also makes it one of the oldest off-road races in the world since most races in Europe were canceled during the war years. Among the names of past winners are notable out-of-staters like Randy Hawkins, Mike Melton, and Drew Smith.Mark Kariya
Strider bike race
Although not heavily populated, the Strider bike race on Saturday afternoon was popular with spectators.Mark Kariya
Sharon and Heather Mowell
Beware who you ask to transport your bike! Sharon and Heather Mowell found their bikes decorated a bit different than when they delivered them to “friends” who agreed to haul them up to Washington.Mark Kariya
Pretty self-explanatory.Mark Kariya