Thor MX 2016 Gear Intro

Thor brought out the media and some of their racers to give a sort of "limited peek" at their 2016 gear this week. Thor will show it all in early August, but for now we can only show you a few sets.

Kris Keefer wore the Core Air Divide, which is uniquely vented with small air ports in the pant, up on the outer hip. The jersey has air ports in the front and a vented material around the back. The gear is asymmetrical and comes in two colorways. Keefer also got to try Thors' new Sniper goggle. Thor's Prime Racewear line gets a new, very light jersey to go with the very light pants; they jersey has compression-material types sleeves. This is gear designed to be light and unrestrictive, but best kept to the track since it's not designed to hold up to brush like Thor's other pant/jersey combos - we don't have photos of this line here. Dirt Rider's "Siebs" Siebenhaar was out with us to photo-model the green and yellow Core Contro line, but may have gotten upstaged a bit since Jeremy McGrath was there is the same colorway. Sorry, Siebs, you're rad, but MC is the King. Broc Tickle did some hot laps in the Phase Ramble, and Chris Alldredge was going fast in the Phase Gasket, which is a nicely basic-looking line until you pick the Flo Orange, which really stands out.

Watch for a full gear line release in early August, including Thor's line of off-road specific gear.