Think! Technology Lite Seat

With Base, Lite Foam And Lite Cover $599.99

If you’re a techy geek like me who likes to look at weight numbers and is into eccentric trick parts, then look no further than the Think! seat base, foam, and seat cover. The super-trick carbon-fiber seat base and closed-cell technology foam was tested on two bikes (the 2013 Suzuki RM-Z450 and 2013 Honda CRF450R) to see if this lightweight seat was “worth its weight” in gold. Upon picking it up I was astonished at how light this complete seat is. The Think! seat is close to 1.5 pounds lighter than the stock RM-Z seat and just more than a pound lighter than the CRF piece. The kit comes with the carbon-fiber seat base, closed-cell seat foam, seat cover, and two titanium seat bolts to get that weight down just a little bit more.

Once out on the track the most noticeable difference was how surprisingly stiff the foam is, yet it feels like it has more cushioning than other seat foams. It is almost like factory suspension for your butt and back. Usually with stock seats, when attacking flat corners and sitting on the edge of the seat to get maximum traction, it’s easy to really feel the seat base through the foam. Not so with the Think! foam, which seems to have its stiff and cushioning properties throughout the whole seat, even on the edges. When seat-bouncing jumps out of corners, the Think! foam really absorbs a lot more of the load than a stock seat’s foam can. Seat-bouncing also shows how much the carbon-fiber seat base’s stiffness helps. The base gives the seat a more precise feel by eliminating the flex that a stock plastic base can have. Yes, it’s noticeable.

What isn’t noticeable is the weight loss, but this would still be a great product for any overall bike diet and a relatively cheap one, per pound, compared to many other products like titanium bolt kits. Over the years I have had several seats gain weight and have their foam break down quickly from water getting in and soaking into the foam. The Think!’s closed-cell foam never got waterlogged, even after several washes (and spraying the seat longer than usual just to test this). Although not tested in rain or stream crossings, this “no soak” quality would also be a great feature for off-road races where it is muddy and wet.

The biggest negative aspect of this product is the ridiculously high price tag. Nothing trick is cheap, so the Think! seat might not be for everyone, but if you're a technical numbers guy, need more comfort for your gluteus maximus and your back, or can appreciate the more-precise feel of the stiff base, then this product could be worth the price tag. —Kris Keefer

Rated            87

Installation.... 19/20

Function......... 48/50

Durability...... 8/10

Design............. 9/10

Price................ 3/10


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