Ride Engineering WP Fork Compression Adjusters - Dirt Rider Magazine

If you've ever had to ride around a track or trail with a screwdriver stuffed into your boot, you might know what I'm talking about--making a quick compression adjustment with gloved hands is nearly impossible without accoutrements stuffed in a boot or a trip back to the pits. Why all of the OEMs don't offer knobs on the shock and fork compression adjusters is a mystery. KTM does have a small knob on the fork, but getting to it or turning it is another issue.

For this, Ride Engineering crafted these nifty adjusters to adorn the WP fork, and they work, too. At $44.95 they are in the ballpark for an affordable add-on. They easily mount up using the stock adjuster fasteners and offer enough surface area to easily make adjustments practically on the fly. There were several occurrences when I wanted to make a quick fork compression adjustment and I was able to pull to the side of the track while still moving, reach down and turn the knob either way on both fork legs and get right back riding in a jiff. Two of the reasons some riders love electric start are for the convenience or just because of their laziness. These are the same reasons I embrace easy adjusters on a fork like this part offers. This part will not make you or your bike faster, yet it does look sweet and it takes the pain out of quick fork compression adjustments any time and any place. -Scott Hoffman

Hard Parts 95.0
Installation 19/20
Function 50/50
Durability 9/10
Design 9/10
Price 8/10