Moto Gate Web Truck Bed Extenders - Dirt Rider Magazine

It's always a good problem when you have too many toys, but even a good problem still needs a solution. A lot of people who have truck beds spilling over with too much fun buy an aluminum bed extender and transport happily on. But there are other ways for people who are either cheap, work at a motorcycle magazine or both--and I fit into all three categories!

The $59.95 Moto-Gate is a short patch of webbing with four adjustment straps to block off your truck bed when the tailgate is down. This strap extender has three advantages over the traditional aluminum bed extender. First, the Moto-Gate saves money. No arguing, it is cheaper than the popular metal contraptions. Second, it gives options. The Moto-Gate can be used to strap items to the bike or truck sideways, backward or upside down to make your rig look like the cargo bay of a military transport plane. Third, and the top advantage in my book, the Moto-Gate can store away. Working at Dirt Rider I often head out with one bike (angled in the truck with the gate up) and return with three. I take the Moto-Gate with me all the time so I can secure everything no matter what test bikes need to go where.The disadvantage is the setup time--adjusting four straps (two of which are twisted 180 degrees the wrong way) is way harder than dropping a solid extender into the tailgate slots. And the Moto-Gate takes some adjusting and fiddling to get a good "seal" at the bottom to prevent a loading ramp or loose can of oil from sliding out onto the road.The Moto-Gate is a great solution for just the right guy. But if you're pretty good at counting bikes and you always return with the same amount that you left with, an aluminum bed extender might be worth the extra dough.

Tools 85.0
Function 44/50
Portable 10/10
Durability 17/20
Design 7/10
Price 7/10