Ryno Institute: Functional Techniques DVD #1 Review - Dirt Rider Magazine

Yes, you can teach an old dog new tricks, but learning is always a lot easier if you start training as a puppy. I've dealt with riding-style issues for my entire life. I've seen most of the riding tip videos starting with the first one back in the mid-'80s featuring David Bailey and Johnny O'Mara. Ryan Hughes is best known as a racer yet, as of late, the former factory rider is all about training and fitness-the guy is an animal and there is a reason they call him Ryno. You can say Hughes looks outside the box when it comes to riding tips; he's kind of a Zen master meets Mr. Miyagi crossed with Dr. Phil MX.

In Volume #1 (the only volume that has come out thus far), Hughes goes into detail surrounding the metaphysics of proper body position and human body function aboard a motorcycle. He also goes into detail with regard to boot position on footpegs. The DVD offers action of Hughes on the track as well as stationary instruction. If you just want straight facts and tips, they are there but you have to listen to how they make the watch instead of just how to tell time. However, the riding tips are very solid and Hughes does make valid observations and backs his philosophy with references to current top pro racers. The two main tips I extracted from the DVD were foot position and proper posture while riding. After watching the DVD, the next time I rode, I made an effort to ride more on the balls of my feet and "tried" to maintain Hughes' tips on proper body position. I must say the foot position made complete sense and worked as he described in the video.The 30-minute video has decent production quality yet only touches on a few tips, which for me was great; there is something called too much information if you have a small brain. The DVD has a standard price of $24.95, but in my book a short DVD that is only a part of a series might be more fairly priced at $19.95-but they do offer free shipping. In the end, I did learn a thing or two and they do work if properly applied.

-Scott Hoffman

DVD 91.0
Originality 17/20
Cinematography 27/30
Suitable for children 10/10
Entertainment 18/20
Informative 19/20