Husaberg Auxiliary Gas Tank from 70 Degree Racing - Dirt Rider Magazine

The biggest issue with the newer Husabergs and their intricate gas tank is there is no easy way to get some additional range. 70 Degree Racing undertook the painstaking process of making a subframe tank that holds almost an additional gallon of fuel to boost the range by just about one-third. The rotationally-molded tank is the exact same shape as the stock dirt-only Husaberg's XLPE composite subframe, yet it is sealed and plumbed to hold fuel. On the dual-sport models you'll have to do some relocating of the smog equipment that rides behind the sidepanel. It takes a few hours to install, but the step-by-step instructions will get you right through it. It can be challenging but it is due to the configuration of the wires and would be the same as just removing the stock subframe. The stock fuel pump housing is replaced to allow the connection of the two tanks, and the passageway between the two cannot be shut off, as there is hardly any space on the bike to fit even the additional hose in the area of the shock and stock wiring loom.In use, you have to take an extra 2-3 minutes for filling the tanks to the brim as the transfer of fuel to the rear tank is a little slow, so for racing applications, where you need to put in three gallons fast, this may not be the answer. But for extending range, this is the only option short of some super-huge rally-style tanks. It boosted the range on my 570 from "concerned" to "comfortable." Previous to the extra tank, I never rode the 570 without carrying fuel as it could easily run out in well under 50 miles if I wasn't careful. Another advantage is that you can easily see the level of the fuel in the subtank which, on the newer Bergs with the black tanks, makes knowing where you're at with fuel possible instead of having to wait for the low fuel light to surprise you. Plus, if you don't need the full load, the fuel you do carry is actually a lot lower than if you had just the stock tank. Sure, you can feel the extra weight when the rear tank is full, especially when you tip the bike over, and when going on long downhills, tank full, the bike'll piss more fuel than usual out of the overflow vent from the additional pressure. But all of this is minor compared to not having to walk out the last 10 miles of your ride. At $449.99 it seems pricey (until you consider those walks), but you have to look at the complexity and the low volume of customers of such a project. If you have a 2009-'11 Husaberg, you need this tank. -Jimmy Lewis

Hard Parts 89.0
Installation 17/20
Function 46/50
Durability 9/10
Design 9/10
Price 8/10