JP Metal Fabrications Hook Ups Product Review - Dirt Rider Magazine

All the other DR editors are jealous of my cool 2006 Toyota Tacoma truck, but I have to admit I used to be jealous of their trucks' tiedown systems. The stock Tacoma's movable plastic D-rings in rails flex when you pull a bike secure. I never had a problem, just a fear of a ring breaking or popping out.The $49.95 Hook-Ups Custom Tie Down Brackets brace the front and side rails together and provide a metal securing point with three tiedown-sized holes on each side, the outer ones providing a minimal amount of leverage over the stock metal rails. Installation is simple, everything fits perfectly, and the brackets are easily removable.The flex is gone and now I drive to the track not expecting to see a high-speed motorcycle crash in my rearview mirror. The brackets don't look bad and even provide a perfect place to set my travel coffee mug when I'm unloading things from my cab.The metal has developed a minimal amount of rust in the tiedown holes where the powdercoating has worn, but otherwise this is a great, simple solution to the 2005 and newer Tacoma's tiedown system. -Pete Peterson

Hard Parts 91.0
Installation 19/20
Function 47/50
Durability 8/10
Design 9/10
Price 8/10