218 Designs MX Handstand Product Review - Dirt Rider Magazine

I've never searched for anything beyond a standard bike stand. But I see new lift stands or bike supports coming through the DR offices all the time, so I decided to grab the creatively-designed MX HandStand bike stand ($149.95, optional plate is $14.95, graphics are $15.00) to see if innovation would add or detract convenience from getting my MX bike to wait for me between motos.My favorite aspect about this stand is that it varies in height and pad angle to get any standard dirt bike up with one or both wheels off the ground, and the adjustability is perfect for those bikes that can't do the full two-wheel hover on a flat stand (the new CRFs and the YZ125 to name a few). The bike rests on a full pad, too, not a single bar like many crank-ups. When bringing the bike down, the lift arm thankfully doesn't get a quick uppercut action, or have much reach to swing up and hit you. The stand also folds and locks down flat for transport between dirt battlegrounds.The problems with this stand, as with most lift stands, is stability when working on the bike. Push forward and the bike can tip the stand and fall (though this full pad is more secure than the bar-only pads). Also, the short lift arm doesn't provide a ton of leverage, but that's a fair trade not to have a knockout punch swinging up with speed when rolling the bike off. Pulling up to the stand is a one-side entry, as the heavy stand is awkward to shuffle around on the ground. Also, if you're not pitting on flat ground, you'd better point the bike uphill, because a good down slope will have the bike rolling off without you. The heavy-duty device comes in at 13 pounds, and when folded flat that mass tends to slide around on a slick truck bed. Plus, the bolt heads and nuts showed rust after my (um, intentional) environmental test where it got left out in the rain.I did come to appreciate the stand, and any rider who struggles to lift a bike up would easily overlook the downsides to get the benefits offered here. The thing looks cool, has an optional plate for graphics and that adjustability is great for everything from washing the bike with both wheels up or changing a tire with one firmly down. -Pete Peterson

Tools 83.0
Function 44/50
Portable 8/10
Durability 16/20
Design 9/10
Price 6/10