First Turn Films Presents Motocross 101 By David Pingree DVD - Dirt Rider Magazine

You may not be able to get personalized riding instruction from AMA motocross ace David Pingree-after all, he's only one man with about 19 different jobs-but for $24.95 you can have Ping teach you his speed secrets right in your own living room. As a seasoned former factory rider and supercross main event winner, Pingree has a wealth of expertise to share, and he does just that in his new DVD, Motocross 101 by David Pingree. Covering everything from cornering to bike setup, Motocross 101 features loads of valuable information for racers of all ages and abilities, all delivered firsthand with professionalism and personality from Pingree himself. This isn't your average, put-you-to-sleep riding instruction video; Ping has a hilarious sense of humor and it comes across throughout the flick, like when he advises that you "channel your inner janitor" while sweeping your start gate. Fortunately, Ping keeps you entertained and engaged throughout the whole video, but the real meat of this DVD is in the hard-earned instruction and valuable hints. I know I'll never be as fast as Pingree, but with the help of Motocross 101 by David Pingree there's no reason why I can't try!

-Chris Denison

DVD 91.0
Originality 17/20
Cinematography 18/20
Suitability for children 10/10
Entertainment 37/40
Price 9/10