Matrix Concepts: M3 Utility Can - Dirt Rider Magazine

Matrix Concepts has burst onto the scene with a variety of stylish, colorful products. Many caught our eye, but after the company dropped off a variety of products the $49.95 M3 Utility Can was the item that saw the most use. Legally, the M3 can and other square or round utility jugs are not allowed to transport fuel, so you know we never do that. Once at the track, though, we tend to fill the bike with the M3 can.Regardless of what liquid you choose to utilize, the can itself has about as many nice features as a plastic jug could have. The footprint is narrower than most utility jugs, and the volume is claimed to be 4.5 gallons (though we were only able to get 4.2 in) instead of five or nearly six for other jugs, so it takes up less space. But by virtue of being larger on the bottom and tapering to the top, it remains fairly resistant to tipping. The bottom of the can has some molded-in ribs that strengthen the structure and act as a secondary handle. A nicely placed primary handle is found angled on the side of the jug. Together the double handhold and smaller size make this the easiest can to pick up, aim and pour that we have used. The clear, reinforced pour spout is short, stiff and necks down to an adapter that easily fits any tank including the one on your truck. The jug vent is in the main cap, and it can be easy to lose since it threads in only a few turns. It vents well; but with the smallish pour opening, you won't use this jug as a quick-fill. The M3 is available in the colors to match Japanese brands plus black or white. Other features include decorative graphics and a molded-in groove to locate a dedicated tiedown strap (also available from Matrix for $9.95). Decal Works can print custom ID stickers to replace the standard units.

On the plus side, this is a can you'll love to use. For some (mainly two-stroke riders), the odd capacity will be an issue, but we were never bothered. The only potential reliability issue we saw was the plastic being thin on the handle portion of the jug; one of ours actually leaked. Matrix has not seen this before. The big question is whether you want the convenience enough to own a 50-buck utility jug. -Karel Kramer

TOOLS 88.0
Function 49/50
Portable 10/10
Durability 16/20
Design 9/10
Price 4/10